Minnesotans Should Look Out for Latest Tax Man Scam

Published On: 8th October 2014

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The crooks are calling and they are claiming to be from the Minnesota Department of Revenue. In this new phone scam, the caller threatens to send the police to a person’s house if they do not pay their tax debts right then and there.

The Revenue Department has issued an alert on this scam, assuring Minnesotans that it never calls a taxpayer to request immediate payment, nor do they make threats about sending police to their doors. It is very important that individuals do not give out their personal information, such as their bank account or credit card information unless they are positive the call is real. Still, individuals can tell the caller that they will call the Department of Revenue themselves to make the payment. This is the safest way to ensure the debt is real and to securely make a payment over the telephone.

People that fear they have been scammed can call the Department of Revenue at 800-652-9094 or 651-296-9094.

It is not unusual for there to be a new scam popping up once in a while. It is disturbing and there are still individuals throughout the state that are not aware that the Department of Revenue does not make cold calls. If a person owes Minnesota taxes, they will be sent a letter that tells them of such and how they can pay the taxes that they owe.

Throughout the entire country, callers impersonating government agencies are quite common. Taxpayers across the country have been the targets of scammers preying on the fact that they can convince a person that they owe a debt that they didn’t know they owe. The fact is that the person may not owe the debt at all. Most of these scams occur over the phone with some of them even being over Internet. Nonetheless, a phone scam is more likely to get a response in favor of the scammer because the victim is speaking with an actual human being who knows enough to convince the victim that they are from a government agency. They sound official and they may even call from a number that displays the Department of Revenue on the caller ID.

In July, a Federal Trade Commission official testified before Congress that the FTC receives tens of thousands of complaints on a weekly basis regarding the different phone scams that occur around the U.S. Recently, the FTC was able to shut down an operation that was running a robocall scam that told people that they could help them obtain refunds from the FTC.