Minnesota has Stopped Taking Returns Filed with TurboTax

Published On: 6th February 2015

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The Minnesota Department of Revenue has ceased accepting tax returns filed with TurboTax because of fraud concerns.

The rumors started being passed around about possible problems and people started talking about Minnesota ceasing its acceptance of tax returns filed with TurboTax. It turned out that those whispers were more than just rumors – they were fact.

The Department of Revenue posted a notice on their website and that notice states that some Minnesota taxpayers have logged into their TurboTax accounts to file their tax returns, only to find that it says their return has already been filed. Because of this being potential fraudulent tax return activity, the Minnesota Department of Revenue has stopped accepting tax returns submitted from TurboTax.

The Department or Revenue did emphasize that there was no security breach. They state that taxpayer data is not at risk and that there is technology in place that is quite sophisticated and protects the private information of taxpayers. The issue appears to be a TurboTax issue, as users log into the software and see that their returns have been filed when they have not actually done so.

The Revenue Department says that it has been speaking with Intuit on the issue and will update as necessary. If taxpayers need assistance on the matter or with their state tax returns, the Department has stated that taxpayers can call 1-800-944-8596 to get that help.

This is not the first time that the Minnesota Department of Revenue has noted an issue with the Intuit tax filing program. They issued a similar warning in 2013 after they discovered a number of issues with the software that affected the 2012 state tax returns. This problem included errors with education expenses, property tax refunds, and political contributions. A warning was issued at that time that the issues could delay the tax refund because the accuracy of the return could be compromised. Taxpayers were advised to use a program other than one made by Intuit.

While TurboTax seems to be the issue, nothing has been said about Intuit’s other tax filing products – Intuit online, Lacerte, and ProSeries. There has been no warning issued to not use these tax filing products. In fact, they are still accepting returns that have been filed with those products. The TurboTax issue seems to be limited to just certain products. Nonetheless, TurboTax has had a tough year after it made some changes to the software that negatively affected some filers, which led to TurboTax reversing the changes they made.

At this time, TurboTax, which is the nation’s leading tax preparation software, is investigating the report of mysterious tax filings and they hope to have additional information very soon.


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