Minnesota State Representative May be in Trouble Over Taxes

Published On: 20th September 2012

From the Internet news:

Claims have been made that Minnesota State Representative Ernie Leidiger(R) may owe over $144,000 in back state and federal taxes with three tax liens currently against him.

Leidiger is a freshman representative from Mayer.  A number of media outlets have been trying to reach him regarding the claims, but he has not returned any of the telephone calls to any of those outlets.

However, Leidiger did issue a statement on September 17 that he has entered into a payment plan with the state to pay off any tax liability that he may have remaining and is also negotiating with the federal government to enter into a similar agreement.

He stated that the reason for his tax liability has to do with not paying taxes on his office furniture business and that the economy has much to do with why that was so difficult.

He said his furniture business thrived for five years, employing approximately 30 people with sales increasing each year. The best year for his business was 2008 when it made $2.5 million. He said the business was closely linked to commercial real estate, which caused his business to falter when it did. Things were improving around the middle of 2009, but went downhill again. In 2011, the business had to lay off all 30 employees and close.

House Minority Leader Paul Thissen contended that Leidiger’s business failed, despite the fact he had accepted a federal small business loan in the amount of $500,000 in 2009. He further states that Leidiger owes his constituents an explanation for the acceptance of the loan and the non-payment of his taxes, especially the many families and small businesses that play by the rules every single day.

In 2010, Leidiger landed in office when he achieved 65% of the vote within his district.