The IRS is not Using Minneapolis Police to Make You Pay Your Taxes

Published On: 30th July 2015

From the internet

We all get that call where we look at our caller ID and don’t know who could be calling us from Arizona or Connecticut. There are also those calls where we don’t even recognize the name that is popping up. Many of us just ignore those calls, just as there are many of us who answer them. When we answer, it may be a human or a robocall with some sort of offer they want us to take.

Now if the caller ID says something like “Minneapolis Police Department,” you are definitely going to pick up. Just looking at that makes your heart speed up and a thousand thoughts run through your head like, “what did someone do?” or “is everyone okay?” And a few of us may wonder who we are going to have to bail out.

Well, the City of Minneapolis says that that telephone ID may be fake. It is actually on the city’s website that callers say they work for the IRS and that if the taxpayer doesn’t pay up, the Minneapolis Police Department is going to come and arrest them for criminal tax issues.

If this doesn’t sound right to you, it’s because it isn’t right. The Minneapolis Police Department doesn’t work for the IRS, so they aren’t going to enforce any back taxes that are owed to them.

Unfortunately, such calls rattle some people, so they hand over their bank account information. The end result is an innocent person losing thousands of dollars out of their bank account. In extreme cases, the caller steals their identity and that means a horrible mess for the victim to fix. Identity theft cases can take months and even years to rectify.

Keep in mind that the IRS will never call you asking for money. They won’t email you either, so don’t fall for that one.

If someone calls you claiming to be the IRS, don’t get sucked in by what is on the caller ID because technologically savvy scammers can manipulate that information. Instead, tell them that you are going to hang up and you will call the IRS back. You know that when you call the IRS’s number that you are really getting the IRS. Although you may not owe any back taxes, it is important to inform them of the fact you were contacted by a scammer. Plus, this just gives you verification that there is not an issue between you and the IRS. It is always good to cover all of your bases.

So remember to never give personal information over the phone to anyone who calls you. Instead, call the IRS or the company yourself. Also make sure you inform friends and family members so they don’t fall victim to these scammers.