Federal Charges Filed against Oakdale Man for Unpaid Taxes on Embezzled Funds

Published On: 26th December 2012

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Tax evasion is something that has been occurring for quite some time with an increased frequency seen in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Amateur Hockey Association’s former district treasurer has been accused of evading taxes on funds that he allegedly embezzled from the organization and did not report as income.

55-year-old Steven Brier, has been named by federal prosecutors, while his attorney has stated that Brier does deeply regret his actions. A guilty plea is expected.

Brier once served as the District 2 treasurer and the charges against him state that he did not report all of his income in 2010, which included $74,473 in allegedly embezzled funds from the organization. However, a police detective with the Maplewood Police Department has stated that he believes there is hundreds of thousands of dollars in embezzled funds.

It was on December 4th that a U.S. attorney filed an “information” form, which indicates a plea deal has been worked out. When a plea deal is worked out, prosecutors do not ask for a grand jury indictment. As for the charge itself, it is for one count of tax evasion. He has not been charged with embezzlement, although unpaid tax on those alleged funds is what has led to the tax evasion charge against him. The U.S. Attorney’s Office has not said anything about charges being filed for the alleged embezzlement.

The charges stem from an official with District 2 contacting Oakdale police about issues within the organization’s accounts. The bank the organization dealt with stated that there was suspicious activity within the account. It has been alleged that Brier was writing checks to himself and had done so since 2009. Despite this assumption, there is actually no exact dollar amount and the exact amount of time that the embezzlement allegedly took place is not known until a full investigation is completed.

However, the Attorney’s Office has said that Brier turned to casino gambling as a way to pay back the money. So far, an assessment states that he paid back over $81,000 and it is estimated that he has $302,000 left to go.

For these offenses, Brier could face orders of forfeiture, fines, and up to five years in a federal prison.